TECOMA DRYING TECHNOLOGY S.r.l., is an Italian company whose operational headquarter is located in Maranello – MODENA and is specialized in design and manufacturing of drying plants for liquid, solid or semi-solid products.
The areas of application of TECOMA drying technologies are many and varied: food, feed, dairy, nutraceutical, pharma, rendering and chemical industries (just to name a few).

TECOMA drying technologies have been employed even in the environmental sector with the realization of drying systems for sludge deriving from the treatment of wastewater (civil and industrial ones) and thermal treatment of soils contaminated by hydrocarbons or other contaminants.

According with chemical and physical characteristics of the products to be processed, of customers’ requirement regarding final features of dried products, TECOMA is capable to suggest the most appropriate solution suggesting the employ of the most suitable drying technology among those available.