The continuous dryer GATEDRYER® represents an important evolution of the traditional spray-drying technology.

Its unique horizontal configuration (in place of traditional vertical towers) allows the GATEDRYER® to be counted among the most innovative machines of the huge Drying sector. When comparing the GATEDRYER® to a vertical tower having the same evaporation capacity, ceteris paribus, the GATEDRYER® presents significant advantages.

First of all, because of its small volume, GATEDRYER® requires much less installation space, compared to traditional spray-dryers.

Furthermore, from a thermodynimic perspective, GATEDRYER® technology is characterised by drying processes with short residence time, thus making it possible to increase the operating temperature, even when dealing with thermo-sensitive products. This also allows for better dried product quality and overall lower fuel consumption.

GATEDRYER®  technology represents the optimal solution to dry both pumpable organic and inorganic material and it has been already implemented for a vast quantity of different products, with evaporative capacities ranging from 100 lt/h to 1500 lt/h. 

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