Rotary Drum Dryer

The “rotary” or “rotary drum” dryer is a widely known technology used in industrial drying processes.

The possibility of obtaining large production capacities, the simplicity of use and the limited cost of maintenance often make it preferable to other drying technologies, even if they are more “refined”. This type of drying is usually used to process:

  • sand
  • inert matters
  • soil
  • clay
  • kaolin
  • bentonite
  • gypsum
  • calcium carbonate
  • wood
  • plastic
  • production scraps
  • sewage sludge

TECOMA DRYING TECHNOLOGY SRL has used this technology, which has characteristics of great reliability and efficiency, applying the necessary changes and implementations, thus obtaining striking results in the processing of soils polluted by HYDROCARBONS.

The DRYER cylinder is composed of a frame made of carbon steel profiles of adequate thickness, which supports the rotating cylinder positioned on two rings and four rollers. The cylinder is rotated by means of a gear motor with toothed pinion, which transmits the motion to a spur gear fixed on the cylinder by means of bolted plates. The rollers, equipped with bearings, are fixed by means of a shaft with two adjustable supports. The rear ring holds the dryer cylinder in position by means of two thrust rollers. The lubrication of the kinematic mechanisms is automatic at each rotation of the cylinder.

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