The drying system for “digestate” developed by TECOMA DRYING TECHNOLOGY S.r.l. uses FLASHDRYER technology.
The “digestate” dehydrated by centrifuge (filter press or other available dehydration system) in feed to the FLASHDRYER system has an average moisture content of 75-80% and, downstream of the drying process, is discharged with a residual moisture content of about 20% with a reduction in the initial mass approximately 70%.

This is achieved by recovering the waste heat generated by the existing cogenerator. In particular, the fumes discharged by the endothermic engine are intercepted and used to support the drying process. The fumes are used directly after being attemperated with ambient air but can also, if necessary, be used by the drying system indirectly with the installation of a dedicated flue gas-air exchanger.
The drying system is, in any case, equipped with a hot air generator that is able to integrate the quantity of heat generated by the flue gas recovery when this is not sufficient on its own to support the drying process when the cogeneration system is not in operation.